Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Italian Soccer School in India

This November children from India will attend the Italian Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) program run by top Italian professional soccer instructors.

This International program is been made possible by a relationship between Deeksha Sports Management (DSM) a HTC Group Company and Scuola Calcio, Italian Premier Soccer School a Soccerkix Company.

“This is very exciting to have Italian Professional Soccer Coaches come to India for the first time to teach our children and our coaches some of the best youth soccer development methodologies in the world” said, Hemanshu Chaturvedi, DSM President and Managing Director HTC Group.

The Italian Coaches will be working with children of all ages and their coaches from various school teams.

“There is been an overwhelming response already from the schools here” said Mr. Chatuverdi.

India has not yet a system in place to identify and train youth soccer players at a younger age.
There is no infrastructure in place for promoting the best game in the world.

“In Italy, soccer clubs got what they call “youth farm systems” for developing young soccer talent. In India, even big clubs do not yet have such facilities” said Bruno Redolfi, Scuola Calcio Instructor, “and we are looking forward to this fantastic experience”.

The ten day-camp will use Italian Youth Soccer Development Methodologies to influence positive technical-social growth and involve players of all ages. The Scuola Calcio, Italian Premier Soccer School has partnered with DSM and the HTC Group to stage the first ever Italian Soccer Camp in India. “We look forward to working together on the first of many activities to target many youth soccer players” said Antonio Saviano, Scuola Calcio Coordinator.

Scuola Calcio is one of the most respected provider of Italian Soccer School Programs in the world, it is a full Italian Cultural immersion program and players of all ages have the opportunity to participate. The Scuola Calcio program encourages players to reach new levels of achievement through expert instruction and has given many players already an opportunity to show case their talent. Some of these young players have had the opportunity to play at a professional level.

“The Scuola Calcio Technical Staff are very confident that this event will be a success. Our Instructors will come directly from Italy to deliver the best Italian soccer program in India”, said Mr. Saviano. He went on to say, “The Scuola Calcio Instructors will also work very close with local coaches from different schools to the Italian Youth Soccer Development Methodology”.

For more information on the Scuola Calcio, Italian Premier Soccer School email: info@soccerkix.com

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nedved: "I Would Give Up Everything for the Champions League Title"

The Czech (who scored against Fiorentina) continues to dream of a Champions League title at his age (36): "I'm willing to give up everything -including golf- other than my family. The club did a great job with the new acquisitions. Our opponents will have to sweat to beat us"

VINOVO (Turin), 4 September 2008 - At 36 years of age, Pavel Nedved has not given up on his dream of winning a Champions League title. It's an obsession that he can't get out of his mind, after having been so close to making his dream come true in 2003. However, his booking during the match against Real Madrid prevented him from playing in the finals in Manchester against Milan. Two years later, Juve are back in the European competition and Nedved is up to the challenge: in the meantime, he scored a valuable goal against Fiorentina in the Serie A match that confirms his starting left-winger position.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - "I would give up every single pleasure in life for a Champions League title, including golf games with Del Piero and Camoranesi, although I would never give up my family. Returning to the Champions League two years after playing in Serie B can be considered almost a miracle. We have new important players and valuable young talent this year. The club did a great job with the acquisitions. We are not afraid of anyone and our opponents will have to sweat to beat us. The group stage? There is no use in talking about Real Madrid; Zenit will be a tough bone to chew for a third phase team. We will also have to watch out for Bate. What would happen if we won the Cup? I will also play the World Championships in Tokyo. I'll go everywhere."

FLAG - "The symbols of this Juve squad are other players like Del Piero or Buffon. They have given so much to the team and I have learned a lot from them. When I started at Juve, I chose number 11 because it had been worn by great champions such as Bettega and I was honoured I could have the same shirt number. It has brought me very good luck."

CONDITIONS - "The goal in Florence was a nice one although I have to say that it was all Grygera's doing: he gave me a great pass and I just had to finish it in. For once, I made it on time to the ball. Infinite energy? It's harder to have endless energy; at my age, one needs to work hard and rest a lot. It takes a lot to regain strength. This year will be difficult with the Champions League and more matches close together. Giovinco, Marchisio and De Ceglie are ready to help an old chap like me."

FUTURE - "I'm clear about the future, although I prefer not to talk too much about it. Right now, I'm only focusing on our goals. I have discussed with Juve the possibility of coaching the kids because I find that role very exciting."

Text Source: By Alberto Mauro, Gazzetta.it (http://english.gazzetta.it/Football/Primo_Piano/2008/09/04/nedved.shtml)