Monday, February 1, 2010

The Grifo Cup USA 2010

The Grifo Cup USA 2010 is being played July 30th-August 2nd 2010. This is a class "A" tournament for boys Under 12 through Under 17.

All Federation’s sanctioned league passes are accepted. The Grifo cup is presented by the United Grifos, OSA Soccer Academy and Scuola Calcio, Italian Premier Soccer School.

The Grifo cup is not just a tournament it is a scouting event, the staff will be selecting three players from the tournament to attend trials with AC Fiorentina’s youth sector from the Italian Serie A. One player from each of the following age groups will be selected u12-u13 (1), U14-u15 (1) and U16-U17 (1).

Teams entering the tournament will be placed in age appropriate divisions based on history of play. During these matches a staff member will be at each field evaluating individual play.

In addition on the official score card each opposing coach/trainer shall select one player from the opposing team that he/she thought was the standout plyer during the match for the opposing team and note it on the score card. Also the Grifos cup staff member will add their opinions and observations of players if they feel necessary.

At the end of your division’s matches each teams coach will be notified on which players will be asked to attend Mondays round of games. Players selected for the Monday games will be put on trial teams and compete in one hour matches where the Staff can further identify players that will be selected for the trials. At the end of Mondays matches 3 players and 6 alternates will be identified.

The Grifo Cup staff will consult with all coaches to ensure a strong opinion of each player can be made.

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