Monday, September 28, 2009

Mourinho Talking Again, But for How Long?

by Gareth Freeman - Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho has always had a bit of a reputation as an outspoken type of fellow but that looked like it had all changed when he imposed a ‘media blackout’ last weekend.

The former Porto and Chelsea boss decided to snub the press after he was sent to the stands during Inter’s win over Cagliari last weekend.

However, due to the club’s contractual obligations with the media Inter have told Mourinho he has to speak to the press so the Portuguese tactician has no other option – and he isn’t happy about it.

Speaking to Sky Italia Mourinho said: “I’m not continuing the silence because the club asked me because of contracts with you,

“If it were up to me the silence would continue.”

The Nerazzurri slipped to a disappointing defeat at the hands of Sampdoria at the weekend and Mourinho was in no mood to discuss his tactics with the the press. When asked why he decided to substitute Mario Balotelli he replied: “I’m the coach, and don’t have to explain my decisions to you.”

It is not the first, or probably last, time the special one will fall out with the Italian press. At the start of the season he told reporters ‘if something happens to me it is your fault’ when Islamic extremists issued death threats against him for his reported decision not to play Sulley Muntari who was fasting during Ramadan.

His decision not to talk to the press was a disappointing one, after all his quotes are at times priceless. On the state of the Stamford Bridge pitch in his time at Chelsea he once said:

“Sometimes you see beautiful people with no brains. Sometimes you have ugly people who are intelligent, like scientists.”

What does that even mean? I’ve got no idea but it is brilliant anyway and one of the reasons why, love him or hate him, no one can deny Mourinho is not entertaining.

It would seem for now that Mourinho has no choice but to speak to the media if Inter have forced him. The question is will he opt to move on because of it? The press in Italy are known for grilling the manager on tactics and team selections and it seems this is what Mourinho has a problem with, if he can’t learn to deal with it he may chose to leave.

Written by Gareth Freeman for Seria Talk (

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