Thursday, June 5, 2008

The #1 and #2 Steps to Success in Anything

Success in anything is simple, but not easy. Today, the simple part – my “Success 2-Step”

The #1 key to success is to decide you are going to succeed.

Personally, the key to my business success is simply my deciding that I will be successful, and then taking action consistent with that belief.

I make mistakes. I do things that don't work.

But I know if I keep going, if I keep my vision at the forefront of my mind I cannot be stopped.

Not by anyone or any thing.

Not as long as I take action consistent with that decision.

It can be different for a baseball player or athlete in a different sport, in that his or her physical gifts may not be there to compete at the highest level.

But the only way to know whether you've been given enough talent is to decide you're going to make your dream come true and act consistent with that belief.

Many, many players are in the Major Leagues who had once been told they couldn't make it. Former Yankee star Scott Brocious told me at every level he every played there were more talent players than he. But he believed and he focused.

And kept going.

Many years ago Winston Churchill apparently gave a 9 word graduation speech:

"Never give up.
"Never give up.
"Never give up."

That was it. Then he sat down. To say more would have muddied his message.

I used to think I understood this idea. I taught it.

And you might be thinking, "Yes, I know that."

But now after watching what happens in my own life and those of others, I get it at a whole new level. And I'm willing to bet there are several layers of understanding still there for you to peal away.

Chances are with greater understanding of the mental game and expertly guided mental training you can peal them away and rocket yourself toward YOUR dream (you have one don't you?).

So, here's that Success Two-Step:
1) decide that you will be successful
2) never give up.

Article written by Dr. Tom Hanson
Heads-Up Performance Inc

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