Saturday, January 5, 2008

Don Fabio, What To Expect England!

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Monday he starts his new job. I doubt the English people are very clear on what the next four years of national football will bring them. The media sure don`t.

They don`t seem to have a clue, as usual. After all the cries for only an Englishman can manage England they got McClaren and that silenced those cries. (For now).

Fabio Capello will be the highest paid national coach, quite possibly the highest paid coach period. Which means there is no reason to moan about his pay. A major newspaper issue with Sven Göran Eriksson. Even if Capello too is forced away the severance pay will ensure that Wembley will be leased out to just about anything thinkable so that the FA will make the dough.

Don`t expect attractive, creative, attacking football a la Nike`s joga bonito. Capello will not, as Grant, even pretend to offer that. If you thought José Mourinho had a set system of how football is to be played, then you will not be able to imagine how Capello does it. Capello will literally run over the Queen to get England to play his football. Whatever the press says. Capello has never ever failed in proving that his way is the right way. If you want to win.

The media will hate him (love him for the abuse they can throw at him). As he will in no way bow down to them as the last couple of managers have. Capello will not listen to the media, nor will he let the media pick the players. He will not offer up any nice scandals by being caught with his zipper down as Eriksson (especially not with that infamous Ulrika). He will infuriate the press I think.

Don Fabio has an idea about what football is. That idea is; it is all about winning. I repeat; It is all about winning! That is the beauty, the meaning and the purpose of playing football. Fabio Capello is the guy you turn to if you want to win. It can be beautiful and it can be ugly, but it will be winning. It will be effective, it will utilise the talent of the players whether that pleases or not pleases the audience. He will enjoy the feared England boo-boys. If he plays Lampard no audience in the world can make him change his mind.

Something I think England desperately needs!

The English media is used to running the national team and with Capello they wont. (Absolutely everything I write is however dependant on the guts and courage of the FA, and around that serious doubt can be raised. So for the sake of argument let us pretend they will stand firmly behind Capello! Not that that is all that likely, we all know how the media can turn coach and management on each other, Chelsea is just another example.) more!

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