Sunday, December 23, 2007

Defensive Aspects of a Player

In the modern game of soccer, the defender is not only the player who covers all the roles on the defensive side. The player or the players who are not in possession of the ball should also be considered defenders. One of the simple rule to make young players understand who is the defender on the field at any given time is to explain that the player that is the "closest" to the ball is a defender. He is the one who needs to pressure the ball first.

Let's try to examine the player who finds him self in the front of an opponent with a 1v1 defensive aspect situation.

Almost every aspect of a soccer game is a 1v1 situation. Every situation of play between a forward and a defender decides the possession of the ball, switches the game from the offensive mode to the defensive mode or vice versa and can determine the final outcome. The simple saying of a coach is: "Win in the 1v1 situation and most likely win the game". The teaching of the 1v1 is crucial, either for the individual success of the player that the one for the entire team.
The various tactical defensive systems of plays from various teams such as, man defense, four in the back, three in the back with a stopper, defensive mid fielders, etc., have one final result; whatever is the system of play, each player has precise defensive responsibilities.. These can be reduced by the 1v1 situations. There is a good reason why the 1v1 is described as a base of the game of soccer.

The individual defensive play is the base for the team's tactical defensive play. The 1v1 play, either in the attacking or in the defensive, should be the base of the tactical exercises and knowledge. The results in the 1v1, either in attack or defense, is determined, not only from the player's capacities but also by the opponent's capacities and also by the situation of play.

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