Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cassano Focused on Playing

Antonio Cassano has been grabbing the headlines for all the right reasons.

The Sampdoria striker lit up the Derby of the Laterns against Genoa with a sublime performance.

Hero status in the eyes of the Doria fans was assured when in the dying moments he bamboozled three defenders before delivering a telling cross for Christian Maggio to score the winner.

However, the 25-year-old admitted he was making up for lost time, having failed to prove his worth at Real Madrid over two seasons.

The Bari-born star said: "I became too distracted in Madrid, away from the life of a footballer.

"I wanted to come back to Italy because Madrid wasn't the type of city for me to be a sportsman."

Despite some controversial on-field antics, the former AS Roma star is now thriving in his new-found role as team leader as coach Walter Mazzarri's side chase a UEFA Cup spot.

He added: "I could easily see myself signing a long-term contract here. I have even told the president I will reduce my salary if he can build a title-challenging side."

In the picture, no sitting down on the job for Antonio Cassano after five goals in 13 Serie A appearances this season

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Anonymous said...

cassano is just one useless big jerk. he has always given no more than troubles after troubles to the teams he has been playing in. he's supposed to be some sort of genial player but in fact he's a redneck slum-child who instantly goes nuts over money. his demeanor in madrid is just another evidence of this. heard his statement? "i couldn't care less about football while i was there, there were too many attractive women." he never had even 1% of what is needed to be a professional player. he's not only useless but seriously harmulf to the team he's playing with. in madrid they were smart enough to recognize that he's just a little fly to not pay too much attention to. unfortunately this is not the case of small teams like bari and sampdoria. he needs the initial big performance to enchant the managing and the fans, but soon again his lousy side will show up. his career is just a long shameful failure.

inter milan fan