Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Approach on Soccer Camp Philosophy

Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School has a brand new approach to soccer training. We bring top level Italian Soccer Coaches to your club. The concept is simple:

We bring top level Italian Soccer Coaches to your club. The Italian Coaches will work closely with club players and coaches.

This how easy it is. Soccerkix travels to each location to conduct incredibly enjoyable and motivating camps and training sessions for players right on their field. The players get creative, age-tailored instruction in fundamental skills as well as great tactical instruction. Players are assured to have a great time while improving their game.

So, learn from the best, book a camp at your location today. Camp locations are limited, e-mail or call 800-954-7086 to find out how to bring professional Italian coaches to a soccer club.Camp information:Scuola Calcio Camps were founded on the basis of bringing soccer to youth players around the world.

Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) Camps are scheduled across the world and are presented by Soccerkix and Scuola Calcio Director Antonio Saviano. Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) Camps offer players a new way to learn skills in a safe and humanistic camp environment. Utilizing the best soccer instructors around the world, Scuola Calcio camps present a series of challenges to the students, designed to expand their physical and mental soccer abilities while delivering success and building self esteem on and off the soccer field.

Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) camps are tough and intense. The participants become part of a very special family, a family that is from all over the world. The skills, friendships and self-respect that the players gain will last a lifetime. Our technical sessions will improve a person's ball work, while tactical sessions will improve a person's field vision. If people want to improve their soccer skills and have fun while doing it, then they must consider the Scuola Calcio Camps. Scuola Calcio will come and work with players and coaching staff, educating the coaching staff into best using their time and efforts to get the most out of a training session.

Camp philosophy:
The philosophy of Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School Camps is to strengthen the foundation of youth soccer in the world and "fertilize” the grassroots of the soccer game by providing quality coaching and instruction for young soccer players. Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School is a resource for organizations, players and coaches to expand their knowledge of the game and the betterment of the team and individuals.

Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School is dedicated to the improvement of soccer players and coaches at all skill levels, and to the expansion of the base of knowledge upon which the future of youth soccer is built.

Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School is committed to excellence in Athletics, each young player is taught to perform successfully at the highest possible level in accordance with the very best modern training methods. Our main objective is to provide all participants with the knowledge and skill needed to fulfill their athletic potential in a healthy, entertaining environment


Anonymous said...

It can not get better then this. Italian National Team, world Champs!!!! Now Italian Soccer coaches come here to teach the American kids to learn how to play! Fantastic!!!!

Ron from GA

Anonymous said...

Great soccer camp philosophy. May be some clubs should take notes!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great camp philosophy. I hoep more clubs woul dtake this idea.