Thursday, March 25, 2010

Totti Steps Into The Ring "I'm ready to take on Inter"

The Roma captain has put himself at coach Ranieri's disposal, and could be the team's extra gear in the race for the Scudetto. The coach used the metaphor: "Francesco is like a stem cell for us"

ROME, 25 March 2010 - The dream of being the only Roma player to win the league twice is now becoming a bit more of a real possibility now. He might not have said it, but reading between the lines: Francesco Totti wants a part of the action on Saturday against Inter. The Giallorosso captain, who fronted a conference by the Gemelli Hospital at Rome's Cattolica University along with Claudio Ranieri and club president Rosella Sensi, was hiding nothing. "I'm available if the coach needs me." This was followed by a glance at Ranieri and a knowing smile, which said it all.

Stem Cell — Staying on the subject of medicine, Ranieri used the metaphor: "Totti is like a stem cell for us". This was a clear sign that if the team wants to keep charging ahead, the captain's help will be essential. The fans love him, they've been united in calling for his return for the super clash against Inter. "Saturday's is an important game, the whole of Rome will be watching us. Well, almost the whole of Rome (ed. not Lazio fans)."

From the heart — Totti has been making good progress over the past few days, but whether he'll actually play at the Olimpico remains to be seen. There's no doubt though about his desire to be in the front line as his team take's on Mourinho: "My decision to stay with Roma for life came from the heart. If I had wanted to change teams, I could have easily done it: before I quit, I want to win something big in this shirt". And soon. There's also no question that he's serious, going by his training program: this afternoon Totti will be doing a personal session then some polishing with the team tomorrow. On Saturday we'll see if he'll also be part of the biggest game of the year.

Article by Marco Calabresi -

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