Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deeksha Sports Management and Soccerkix Vision in India

New Delhi, India - Since there is not much to offer youth soccer players here in India, Deeksha Sports Management (DSM), a group of professionals engaged in promoting sports events, organized the first ever Italian Soccer Clinic this past September to help popularize the game of football.

In cooperation with Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School, one of the most respected Italian Soccer Program in the world, DSM had the chance to bring its Director, Mr. Antonio Saviano to New Delhi to work with youth soccer students and youth soccer coaches in an effort to expend the knowledge of the beautiful game.

“If Mr. Chitaverdi would have asked me to come and work only with players I would simply told him I was not interested. But when he asked me to come and also work with coaches then I was very interested” said Mr. Antonio Saviano, Soccerkix Director. He went on to say: “I believe working with coaches is just as important as they can pass on the information to the players every time they train.”

India’s situation is like that of US 15-20 years ago. It started from juts children interested in playing the sport, competing with other popular sports such as baseball, basketball, etc. Today the US is one of the top international power on the women’s national side and the men’s national team has been ranked in top 10 many times in the FIFA Rankings.

The cooperation between DSM and Soccerkix was an effort to include interaction between professional coaches and youth soccer students as well as youth coaches of schools in and around Delhi, through classroom and practical presentations. A youth development program is already in place and it just needs to be tweaked to adapt the development methodology to the children in India.

Despite this was a short visit for a great exposure, the goal was to expose the children to a different type of player development system. A system that is geared to having FUN and build the important soccer skills in order to advance to the next level. Free training opportunities were given to over 500 children between the age of 5 – 16.

Mr. Hemanshu Chitaverdi, President of DSM said: “We have had wonderful response from players as well as coaches and we are looking forward for a long relationship”.

"I have noticed many children playing soccer but what I have noticed is that there is not a development program in place at the youth level and no coaching education and therefore these are the simple reasons why India many not be advanced as they should be” said Mr. Saviano. “I believe with the help of people like Mr. Hemanshu it will slowly change”.

The vision of DSM is to provide best of training and knowledge to upcoming soccer players in India. The vision is to offer the best player development program, therefore the use of the Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School’s Development methodologies to influence positive technical social growth of players.

Soccerkix offers players around the world the opportunity to attend All-Year Soccer Boarding School and professional try-outs with some of the best Italian Soccer Clubs.

Mr. Saviano said: “If the children have the passion but there are no qualified coaches then there is a problem. If we can help coaches understand how to develop youth soccer players from an early age then you will definitely see talent come out from everywhere”.

Mr. Antonio visits included schools in Delhi & NCR like; Bal Bharti- Pitampura, Tagore Public School- East of Kailash, JBM Global School- Noida etc.

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