Sunday, November 30, 2008

Italian Soccer Boarding School - 2009 Registration Open

Scuola Calcio, Italian Premier Soccer School is the only Italian Soccer School that offers All-Year Boarding School for High School and University students in a “true” professional environment. Scuola Calcio gives an opportunity not only to North American students but students all over the world to play soccer in Italy under the guidance of professional Italian soccer coaches with UEFA/FIGC license and at the same time be enrolled in “true” professional and semi-professional Italian environment.

The All-Year Soccer Boarding School represents a worldwide initiative and it consists of a combined soccer and academic program. It will help to enhance the technical development and abilities of young players as well as give the them an opportunity to study.

During the All-Year Soccer Boarding School, Scuola Calcio Technical staff will evaluate the technical abilities and skills of each soccer player to plan a future development in a professional team. It is also possible based on the ability of each player to schedule official tryouts so the players have the chance to be exposed and show their qualities to different professional teams.
The All-Year Soccer Boarding School has a duration of 9 months (from September to June). Scuola Calcio also offers a Month Long Training program. This program is mor eflexible as the dates can be chosen by the players and is also available for a week or two weeks.
Players train everyday of the week for two hours or more per session. Players also have the opportunity to confront themselves with professional and semiprofessional soccer clubs and to participate periodically in friendly games.

The All-Year Soccer Boarding School will provide more then technical enhancement. Students attend classes everyday as they are enrolled into the Italian scholastic institute the Convitto Nazional di Assisi.

Students are provided with a full time tutor to satisfy their own needs and necessities, helping them to familiarize themselves with the Italian language and to integrate them into a new country. All these conditions are a guarantee for the participants and for their families.
The All-Year Soccer Boarding School is available for boys and girls from 14-18 years old.

Registration is now open. Registration deadline is July 30th, 2009, however there is some paper work involved so act today. You can find out more about Scuola Calcio and its programs by visiting

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