Sunday, December 23, 2007

Prevention of Injuries

Let's not neglect the prevention of injuries.

The soccer game at the youth level is becoming an important social phenomenon. It is fundamental that soccer coaches take action, before it gets worse, on education the young soccer players on injury prevention and allow them to grow to their fullest potential.
The injuries in the young age groups are not always similar to the injuries sustained by players already developed, therefore, it is important to think how to proceed if an injury occurs. On the players already developed, especially professional players, for example, coaches try to minimize the healing times, of course this is not ideal for the younger players as it is important to wait for a full recovery.

Injuries and sicknesses are two important aspects to deal with and to differentiate between older and younger age groups.

The Prevention
A recent research has confirmed that a players of the age of 11-13 after a full soccer game, respect to older players need longer recover times. It is not only a recover time for the muscular system or the energy, but also for the immune system, because this in fact, needs adequate recover times. In less words if coaches want to avoid overload work and risk of injuries, coaches should keep players from playing games at least three days between each time.

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