Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Italian Professional Coaches Bringing Soccer Expertise to USA

Professional Youth Soccer Coaches from Italy will come to USA this July to teach American youth soccer players the finer technical and tactical points of Italian soccer.

The coaches traveling to the USA will be traveling to many different states, such as California, Kansas, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa and Florida as well as St. Lucia, Bahamas. This will be the 5th consecutive year. The camps are aimed at beginners and advanced soccer players ages 8 - 15, and they are scheduled across the country the all month of July. The coaches will be representing one of the Serie A (Italian Professional League) team in Italy, the Ascoli Calcio (Ascoli Soccer Academy).

Scuola Calcio Program puts on camps throughout the United States and the world, under the direction of company president Antonio Saviano. "Scuola Calcio is recognized in the USA and in the entire world for its excellence in the youth soccer programs," said Bruno Redolfi, the Ascoli Soccer Academy Technical Director and the Technical Director for the Scuola Calcio Programs." "Ascoli Soccer Academy is sending some of the best youth soccer development coaches to USA this year. This will help bring our soccer youth players to the next level" said Antonio Saviano, President of Scuola Calcio. Saviano said "Ascoli Soccer Academy coaches will look at the talent from this year's camps to see if there is a player or two that can be invited to Italy for a try-out, however, he assures all the players will come away from these camps with something to be proud of". "I expect them to get great coaching and build great self-confidence, learn new skills and new way of thinking" said Saviano, who in Italy, signed the first professional contract at the age of 14. "They will learn the way Italian coaches teach the game of soccer."

There is no deadline to register, but there is a limited numbers accepted. This will ensure that the quality of the camp is high and it will give the best attention possible to each player. Teams can also participate if they sign up in groups of 8 or more. Each camp has a different schedule so please make sure to contact the correct location.

For more information about either Ascoli Soccer Academy Programs or the Scuola Calcio Programs, contact Antonio Saviano by email at or visit the camp Web site at

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